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I dyed my hair too dark, and dyed over it with a lighter color and it has not lightened. What can I do?

I recently dyed my hair to soft black. I have naturally almost black hair, and normally when I dye my hair, it lightens with a few washes. Hence going black instead of brown. It has lightened up a little, as I use Head and Shoulders shampoo. I waited about three weeks and tried to dye it dark brown. It did nothing. Its been two weeks since I dyed it last. How can I get it to lighten up? Can I use blonde dye on my hair? What about lemon juice? I don't really care if it turns orange-y, I can dye over that.I dyed my hair too dark, and dyed over it with a lighter color and it has not lightened. What can I do?
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1. Get a color toner gets hair to natural color without damage

2. don't use any harmful heat on it

3. Use matrix shampoo/conditioner really works

4. use a diffuser

5. after shower use bio-silk for silky hair

6. put 2 tablets of vitamin E into damp hairI dyed my hair too dark, and dyed over it with a lighter color and it has not lightened. What can I do?
If you have the money, go to the hair salon.

If you don't - dying it lighter shades of brown will not work. What you need is bleach it up a bit - so any blonding kit for dark hair will work - you do not need the dye from it as much as the bleach. It's just hard to tell how long you need to wait and also it'll be very easy to ruin your hair with all these dyes.
Bleach but it can SERIOUSLY mess it up even worse.

If going to a salon is out of the picture just bleach it at home to a lighter orangey shade and then dye over it with the lighter shade of brown. Hopefully your hair won't be fried but you could just get like 2 inches cut off the bottom if they do feel crunchy or gross from dying to much. Good luck!
i saw a product in walgreen that clariol makes that's a color corrector but i think that's only good when you just colored your hair.

but i wouldn't risk that turning your hair orange, green or purple. go to your hairdresser to fix it if you don't like it.
Are you crazy you never do that ! Once you have die on you just cant die your hair again until the die is washed out.I suggest you wash out all the die and wait a week ,then die it back honey brown so it not too dark and not too light.
Go get it done by a pro. Honestly your hair is very precious and i would pay the money to get it done right. Choose a good salon and your hair will look amazing. They went to school fo this! Let them do the work and you can sit back and relax.
You'll probably need to use bleach. But you need to wait a while. If you keep dying you hair every few weeks you hair is going to be really damaged.

Go to the salon, to get it done, or ask them or options.
don't do any more at home hair dye jobs.

go to a salon where a professional can help you.

CAUTION: you might have to bleach it and start over.
Add highlights. It worked for me. It actually looked really good with the dark hair. Make sure to go to a salon, though
Shave it all off and start over ;-)
go to the salon and see if they can do something or let it grow out
u should go to the salon
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