Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lemon Juice and Eyebrows?

yesterday i died my hair and its light brown. im going on vacation on 4 days and i didnt want people to think i looked weird with black eyebrows and light brown hair. does lemon juice really lighten them? and if they do how much does it lighten them? also does this affect eyebrow growth or anything like that? because after my hair color and eyebrow color fades away i want to dye my hair back to its natural color.Lemon Juice and Eyebrows?
dont do that! use a eyebrow bleach. u can probably find it @ drugstores everywhere.Lemon Juice and Eyebrows?
idk, but your eyebrows will definitely be lemony fresh!

good luck! lol
It makes them sticky and attracts bugs.
no lemon juice does not work. its a myth. see if you can book yourself in for an eyebrow tint in your local salon. it doesn't cost alot.
Ok, I'm a dude and know absolutely nothing about this. But I did just happen to see on TV a few days ago something about a celebrity who uses lemon juice to lighten her hair. I don't know anything about the effects, but apparently it works. Booya!
Lemon juice lighten over a very long time and its got to be in the sun! It wont stop any growth of your eyebrows but you will find they go hard but dont worry wen you wash your face they will go back to normal! If your going to try this be very careful because lemon juice in the eyes is NOT nice!!!

I dont think it will work in a short period of time adn not sure on eyebrows either, Lots of people have darker eyebrows with lighter hair it will look fine i bet no one even notices! Unless you point it out too people they dont really take that much attention to stuff like that unless you have bleach blonde hair and black eyebrows then go get them dyed! Its cheap as and it looks natural when they do them! Just at the hairdressers hun
it possibly wud lighten them especially putn on lemon juice then goin out in the sun but this can cause skin cancer thru the burnin of ur skin on ur face...u cud just get them tinted at a beauticians!

ps dont ever use hair colour to change eyebrow colour...very dangerous very bad
when you put lemon juice in your hair and go out in the sun it gives it highlights. but they are very faint. i dunno if it would work for eyebrows, but it's worth a try.

it won't affect your eyebrows at all except for lightening it slightly if it does. and it won't be that dramatic and probably won't look fake or anything.
The best thing to use is Sally Henson facial hair bleach. The lemon juice would lighten them but not in the short amount of time you have. The bleach is easy to use and only takes a minute.
NO!!! Don't use a bleach. I learned the hard way. They'll turn your eyebrows ORANGE. It is kind of complicated if your eyebrows are VERY dark like mine are. Many hairdressers won't dye them but I would have them professionally done if I was you the first time. Kind of ask questions and see what they do. I have light brown hair and almost black eyebrows. It's my natural coloring. I have learned to accept them and everyone always tells me how striking my eyes look. Ask a close friend who you can trust for an honest answer if you should have them done or not. It may not look bad at all.
Don't use lemon juice. I've used peroxide on my eyebrows. I won't use the bleach because, they'll fade into a blonde that you won't see anything. So hydrogen peroxide is your best thing.
Do not do anything to your eyebrows on your own. Go to a salon. You don't want to risk messing up your face before vacation, right?
no ones eyebrows actually match their hair don't worry about it..lemon juice does nothing...the sun can bleach them but eyebrows are strong and resistant...if you dye ur eyebrows everyone will know that you dyed them its too obvious

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